Flying & Fitness with Heidi McDiarmid – TWUP #39

(English) Heidi McDiarmid is a WBFF Pro and a pilot for a major airline based in Dubai

The Timeline of this episode is:

  • 1:23: How does she juggle the life of a pilot and the life of a fitness competitor
  • 5:58 Avoid hotel gyms – look for better gyms in the city
  • 7:02 Nutrition throughout the day on a plane – Planning is everything
  • 12:08 Heidi’s diet for her competition in Miami – from 3.500 calories a day to 1.350 calories
  • 15:07 Why Tulum/Mexico is her favorite travel
  • 20:10 Tracking her food and the Reverse Diet after her competition
  • 25:20 HIIT with the Deadmill or Airbike
  • 29:15 Factors which contribute to a better wellbeing – sleep, food and training
  • 33:53 How to develop good habits towards food and going to the gym in foreign countries
  • 39:10 How the WBFF competition takes place! Bikini and Fitness Class
  • 45:20 What are the top 3 impacts in your life that changed your physique and made you win your Pro Card in your second competition ever
  • 52:00 Heidi’s favorite exercises to get stronger

More about Heidi on her Website The Nomad Hustle

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