Coaching & Evolution with Roan Heming – TWUP #25

(English) Roan Heming runs a Consultation & Nutritional Supplement Business based in London, UK which distributes worldwide.

Roan Heming came over from London for the day to sit down with Wolfgang and talk about evolution of Personal Training and Coaching. His own path from working the hospitality business in Australia, to becoming a Personal Trainer, then opening a Personal Training in London, to open a online nutritional supplement business that now turned into a Consultation & Nutritional Supplement Business that he runs remotely, while traveling the world.

Roan and Wolfgang also speak about Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and some of their latest experience, primarily the different effect of carbohydrate on the blood sugar based on the method of preparation.

They also touch on a junk food diet for athletic population and the hot topics of sleep and digestion.

The full timeline of this episode of the TWUP is:

  • 0:30 What are the fundamentals of personal training?
  • 2:05 How did Roan Heming become a personal trainer?
  • 5:50 What are the characteristics of a good PT?
  • 9:20 Opening his own gym – Various kinds of gym models
  • 12:20 Personal Trainer Gym – How does it work for the clients?
  • 18:37 Roan on starting his online supplement shop
  • 21:30 Why personal consultation for supplements is very important
  • 25:40 Why optimal health needs to be the base of optimal performance
  • 31:20 Why McDonalds is the preferable choice for athletes at the Olympics
  • 37:30 How the style of cooking influences your eating habits
  • 39:00 Individual blood sugar reactions to different foods
  • 45:10 Where does the digesting of the food start?
  •  49:00 How stress influences blood sugar levels in life situations
  • 54:50 How to improve your digestion in a natural manner
  • 58:00 The dangers of sleep apnea explained
  • 1:02:10 Oura Ring – Monitoring your sleep
  • 1:09:20 How mental and psychological factors influence your daily life
  • 1:16:20 Change your mindset – It is a marathon not a sprint!

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