Diet Rules & Mindset with Tricia Yap – TWUP #23

(English) Tricia Yap is a 2time TED Speaker and the Co-Owner of a large Gym Chain in Asia.

The first ever english episode of the TWUP comes in from Hongkong. Where Wolfgang spoke with Fitness Entrepreneur and 2time TED Speaker Tricia Yap.

Tricia Yap talks about the topic of her second TED talk  „Why the best diet rules are no rules“. And how she applies that in her work.

After a brief touch on the current hot topic of the Game Changers documentary they speak on the necessity of hype in the fitness industry and look into life in Hong Kong.

Tricia Yap tells the story of how the she became the first female professional MMA fighter in Hong Kong and her Jiu Jitsu journey.

The timeline of this episode:

  • 00:20 Why the best rules for diets are no rules.
  • 02:47 Tricia and Wolfgang talk about the Game Changers documentary.
  • 04:50 Its hard to make money through the basics. The fitness industry runs on hypes.
  • 08:35 In reality you have to consider what works with your life. Why it is difficult in Hong Kong to live on a vegan diet.
  • 13:30 Food quality first. Second food choices.
  • 17:01 Why meal prep and planning is key to success
  • 19:05 Tricia was Hong Kongs first professional women MMA fighter and how she got into Jiu Jitsu
  • 24:30 How to change your training & process completely in 5 months.
  • 30:40 There are living 7 people on 1 Squaremeter in Hong Kong and how this leads to high stress levels and diseases.
  • 38:35 Tricia talks about her diet
  • 43:17 How to use visualization to make your training more effective
  • 51:25 The more you think about something, the harder it gets. Tricia talks about how it is to get pregnant in Hong Kong.
  • 59:00 The cost of living in Hong Kong
  • 01:18:50 How to deal with stress and how competition leads to stress 

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